We grow a great selection of herb transplants to fill any herb garden or window planter. From basil to pair with your fresh tomatoes to parsley for the tabbouleh lovers to aromatic oregano and sage – just walking past our herb area will get you planning your next meal!

We’re happy to help you choose the right herbs for your conditions and tastes.

Also available are ready-to-go hanging baskets with a mix of herbs to give your meals a kick of fresh flavour with minimum fuss!

Yummy Genovese Basil.

Our grow list of herbs for 2021

In Individual Pots

Basil – Di Ginova (Genovese)
Basil – Lemon
Basil – Red Rubin
Basil – Thai
Bronze Fennel
Chamomile – German
Chives – Garlic
Cilantro – Calypso
Dill – Bouquet
Lavender – Hidcote Blue (English)
Lavender – Ellagance Purple(English)
Lemon Balm
Lemon Bergamot
Lemon Grass
Mint – Chocolate
Mint – Kentucky Colonel (Spearmint)

Mint – Peppermint
Mint – Spearmint
Orange Balm
Oregano – Greek
Oregano – Hot & Spicy
Parsley – Forest Green (Curly)
Parsley – Laura Italian (Plain)
Sage – Berggarten
Sage – Pineapple
Sage – Tricolour
Scented Geranium – Lemona (Citronella)
Sorrel – Green de Belleville (Lemon)
Summer Savoury
Sweet Marjoram
Tarragon – French
Thyme – English (winter)
Thyme – French (summer)
Thyme – Lemon
Vietnamese Coriander

In Hanging Baskets or Planters

Basil Hanging Basket – Genovese
Basil Hanging Basket – Mix
Parsley Hanging Basket
Parsley Pot
Mixed Herb Hanging Basket
Mixed Herb Pot