What’s new for 2015.

We’ve been greeted with roller coaster weather this May, from rainy and chilly to humid and sweltering. After 2014 seemed to skip summer all together, we’re clinging to the hope of some honest heat to get our veggie gardens roaring for July and August, and it’s looking promising so far!

Tomato blooms ready for the bees!
Tomato blooms ready for the bees!
Down to *only* 51 varieties of tomato plants this year, we’re growing most of our old favorites and have added several promising new varieties to our tomato lineup. We’ve included a few hybrid types whose parent plants are old heirloom favorites, such as “Big Brandy”, the offspring of the standby Brandywine and yummy New Big Dwarf. Keen to get the eating underway, we’re looking to Anna Russian with great anticipation – she’s a popular and hefty oxheart with a reputation for early ripening.

Odd shaped edibles are always a favorite, and the Bulgarian Carrot fits the bill – it’s a pepper that looks how it sounds but packs a little more heat than a jalapeno so watch out! Also new for peppers is Fatalii, with an ominous name it ranks near the top of the heat scale and is a gateway pepper for anyone looking to work their way up to the deadly Ghost.

Thanks to a Square reader we’re happy to announce we’re now able to accept Visa and MasterCard at our nursery (but not yet at market – we’re still smartphone challenged!). We’ve also made a few changes to the layout of our website. Though especially noticeable to our mobile visitors, everyone can enjoy the increase in the colour purple!

Stop by the nursery or find us at the Keady and Owen Sound markets for a great selection of locally grown plants for your vegetable or herb garden!

Happy planting, and have a great growing season!