Vegetable Grow List

The full, almost alphabetical list of vegetable starters we’re growing for 2020.

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Photo of beet greens covered with water droplets
Edible raw, steamed, or fried, beet greens are a versatile edible.

Aparagus – Millenium

Bean – Bush – Green – Strike
Bean – Bush – Yellow – Bsc 825
Bean – Pole – Rattlesnake
Bean – Pole – Scarlet Runner

Broccoli – Gypsy Hybrid

Brussels Sprouts – Jade Cross Hybrid

Cabbage – Blues Hybrid (Napa)
Cabbage – Golden Acre (Early)
Cabbage – Multikeeper Hybrid (Late)
Cabbage – Red Acre

Cauliflower – Purple Of Sicily

Celeriac – Giant Prague

Celery – Tango


Cucumber – Fanfare Hybrid (Slicer)
Cucumber – Gateway Hybrid (Slicer)
Cucumber – Mercury Hybrid (Mini)
Cucumber – Tasty Green Hybrid (English)
Cucumber – White Wonder
Cucumber – Wisconsin (Pickling)

Eggplant – Black King Hybrid (Italian)
Eggplant – Ping Tung Long (Asian)
Eggplant – Shooting Stars (Striped Oval)

The time to harvest kale is whenever you are ready! During the summer, after frost in fall, from under the snow in winter, kale won't mind.
The time to harvest kale is whenever you are ready! During the summer, after frost in fall, from under the snow in winter, kale won’t mind.

Fennel – Florence
Fennel – Orion Hybrid
Gourds – Mini Mix
Gourds – Mini Pumpkin – Mix
Ground Cherries
Kale – Black Magic (lacinato)
Kale – Red Russian
Kale – Red Volants
Kale – Winterbor Hybrid

Leek – Autumn Giant

Lettuce – Green Towers (Romaine)
Lettuce – New Red Fire (Red Leaf)
Lettuce – Odyssey (Buttercrunch)
Lettuce – Salad Bowl (Green Leaf)

Melon – Diplomat Hybrid (Honeydew/Galia)
Melon – Halona Hybrid (Cantaloupe)

Onion – Candy Hybrid (Sweet Spanish)

Photo of onion seedlings under grow lights
The start of our onion transplants.

Pea – Tender Sweet (Sugarsnap)

Pumpkin – Baby Pam (Pie)
Pumpkin – Expert Hybrid (Multi-purpose)

Rhubarb – German Wine

Spinach – Escalade

Strawberry – Albion (Day-neutral / Everbearing)
Strawberry – Cavendish (June-bearing)
Sweet Potatoes

Swiss Chard – Bright Lights

Tomatillo – Plaza Latino Giant

Photo of a basket filled with assorted winter squash.
Assorted Winter Squash

Watermelon – Sweet Favourite Hybrid
Watermelon – Sweetie Pie Hybrid

Winter Squash – Autumn Delight Hybrid (Acorn)
Winter Squash – Avalon Hybrid (Butternut)
Winter Squash – Baby Blue (Hubbard)
Winter Squash – Black Futsu
Winter Squash – Burgess Buttercup
Winter Squash – Candy Roaster
Winter Squash – Celebration Hybrid (Acorn)
Winter Squash – Delicata JS (Sweet Potato)
Winter Squash – Pinnacle Hybrid (Spaghetti)

Zucchini – Cocozelle (Romanesco)
Zucchini – Golden Delight Hybrid (Yellow)
Zucchini – Raven Hybrid (Green)
Zucchini – Sunburst Hybrid (Patty-pan)

Orange bell pepper with a blush of green
Ready to eat when green, but sweeter when allowed to ripen to orange.

Pepper – Big Red
Pepper – Sweet Pimento
Pepper – Candy Cane Hybrid
Pepper – Sweet Bell Mix
Pepper – Redstart Hybrid
Pepper – Bright Star Hybrid
Pepper – Golden Star Hybrid
Pepper – Purple Star Hybrid
Pepper – Sweet Banana

Pepper – Chinese 5 Colour (Hot)
Pepper – Ghost (Very Hot)
Pepper – Lemon Drop (Hot)
Pepper – Peter Pepper (Hot)

Photo of a sliced  green jalapeno pepper on green cutting board
Sliced Jalapeno. Ready for pickling or sandwich duty.

Pepper – Sugar Rush Peach (Hot)
Pepper – Trinidad Perfume (Mild)
Pepper – Hot Mix
Pepper – Ancho San Luis (Mild)
Pepper – Cherry Bomb (Med Hot)
Pepper – El Jefe Jalapeno Hybrid (Med Hot)
Pepper – Hot Portugal (Hot)
Pepper – Hungarian Yellow Wax (Med Hot)
Pepper – Kimchi (Med Hot)
Pepper – Long Slim Cayenne (Hot)
Pepper – Scotch Bonnet (Very Hot)
Pepper – Shishito (Mild)
Pepper – Tabasco (Hot)

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