Vegetable Plants

We offer a wide range of vegetable transplants to get your home garden started. Beginning with seeds from trusted suppliers, all of our vegetable plants are grown by us so we can ensure they are of the hardiest stock. “Tough love” is our motto, and seedlings are moved into the harshest conditions they will tolerate as their growth progresses to encourage healthy and vibrant growth and give our customers the strongest start possible to make their vegetable garden a bountiful success.

Tomato Plants

Growing over 55 different varieties of tomato plants, we’re sure to have a tomato just for you. We grow many of the popular hybrid types, from standard beefsteak types like Big Beef or Better Boy, to early season types such as Early Girl, to paste types like Roma or San Marzano, to snacking cherry types like Sweet Million and the ever popular Sun Sugar. Whether you are growing in a traditional garden or in a planter on your deck, we can help you choose a suitable plant to fit your available space and maximize your gardens potential.

Heirloom (or Heritage) tomatoes are finding their way into more and more gardens. Their shape and colour may often be far from the ‘stock red’ tomatoes you’ll find at the grocery store but this often comes with interesting and robust flavour. You’ll find Opalka, Brandywine, Yellow Pear, Paul Robeson, and many more of our and our customers favorites that we find we just have to grow from year to year. We always find room to try several types that are new to us, and love hearing customer feedback on varieties they’d like to see!

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Non-Tomato Vegetable Plants

Leafy green lettuce, leafy red beet greens, purple kale, or a rainbow of swiss chard, we’ll set your scintillating salad on a strong start.

Like our tomato selection, we grow a range of old favorites for you to transplant; cabbage, kale, kohlrabi, cauliflower, cucumbers, leeks, onions, zucchinni, bell peppers, and more, but we’re also always on the look out for new or unusual veggies to grow.  Look for the UFO shaped ‘Patty Pan’ zucchini, or Japanese eggplant for something familiar but a little different.

What’s more fun than growing your own winter squash to satiate your winter vegetable cravings? Growing your own carving pumpkins for Halloween right beside them! How about growing decorative gourds suitable for crafts, like bowls or birdhouses? We provide the plants, you provide the creativity!

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