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Photo of greenhouse filled with tomato plants

The 2013 season is well underway!

Photo of greenhouse filled with tomato plants
Already blossoming!

It felt like a cool start to the year, with an endless wait for spring to arrive. Spring came and went over the course of a few days and summer quickly took over with the terrific heat and sun that gives us the itch to get started on our gardens. Some of our patio tomato plants are starting to blossom, we can almost taste the fresh bruschetta, salsa, sauces, and ratatouille!

Every year brings new plant varieties to our line up and we’re eagerly anticipating the new flavours, textures, and colours this year’s vegetable garden will produce. Okra, romanesco cauliflower, and a hot pepper called ‘Fish’ with variegated foliage are a few of the new veggie highlights, along with several interesting new heirloom tomato varieties, even a blue one!

You’re looking at a new addition to our operation- this website is brand new for 2013! We’re continually adding more information about the plants we sell, and keep an eye out for some articles on featured plants as the year goes on.

Our greenhouses are bursting with veggie starters that are raring to go to market and find their way into your garden. Like most gardeners, the plants are our masters and we will fulfill their market dreams by taking as many of them as we can fit in our truck to the Owen Sound Farmers Market every Saturday and the Keady Farmers Market every Tuesday for the rest of the year. Visitors are welcome at the nursery 7 days a week where you can browse our full selection or take a turn through our gardens.

Happy Planting!