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Brighten Your Spring with Fall Planted Bulbs!

Last Update Nov.6 10:45am

Our shipment of bulbs has arrived and is ready for sale! Plant now, enjoy in the spring!

A full list of what’s available is below, and will be updated nightly. We’re currently open for browsing Mon – Tues – Fri – Sat from 9am-5pm (or by appointment), and are accepting email orders for curbside pickup – (subject to availability).

We also have Fall Mums!

Our bulb browsing area is indoors, so please respect social distancing guidelines and wear a mask. Stay safe!

2020 Fall Bulbs
SpeciesVariety# Bulbs Per Pack Price (Includes HST)
Allium aflatunensePurple Sensation5$5.00
CamassiaesculentaPack of 10$7.00
Camassialeichtlinii Alba3$7.00
Crocus – GiantMixed10$5.00
Crocus – SpeciesOrange Monarch10$8.00
Daffodil – DoubleIce King5$8.00
Daffodil – DoubleReplete5$8.00
Daffodil – DoubleTahiti5$8.00
Daffodil – DoubleYellow Cheerfulness5$8.00
Daffodil – JonquilStarlight Sensation5$5.00
Daffodil – Large CupIce Follies5$8.00
Daffodil – MiniGeranium5$8.00
Daffodil – MiniTête-à-tête Double5$6.00
Daffodil – MiniThalia5$5.00
Daffodil – Split CoronaCongress5$7.00
Daffodil – Split CoronaSunny Side Up5$9.00
Daffodil – TrumpetLas Vegas5$9.00
Daffodil – TrumpetRijnveld’s Early Sensation5$9.00
Fritillaria imperialisLutea Maxima1$10.00
Fritillaria imperialisRubra Maxima1$8.00
Fritillaria persicaIvory Bells1$15.00
Galanthus (Snow Drop)nivalis Flore Pleno5$7.00
HyacinthJan Bos3$5.00
HyacinthPeter Stuyvesant3$5.00
IrisKatharine Hodgkin5$4.00
Irisreticulata Harmony10$4.00
Irisreticulata Purple Hill10$4.00
LeucojumGravetye Giant3$5.00
Tulip – DarwinApricot Impression5$5.00
Tulip – DarwinCandy Apple Delight5$6.00
Tulip – Early DoubleFoxtrot5$5.00
Tulip – Early DoubleOrca5$6.00
Tulip – Late DoubleDreamtouch5$8.00
Tulip – Late DoubleIce Cream5$12.00
Tulip – MultifloweringAntoinette5$6.00
Tulip – ParrotAmazing Parrot5$8.00
Tulip – ParrotSilver Parrot10$10.00
Tulip – ParrotProfessor Rontgen10$10.00
Tulip – Specieskaufmanniana Showwinner5$5.00
Tulip – Speciespraestans Shogun5$4.00
Tulip – Speciesclusiana Peppermint Stick5$5.00
Tulip – TriumphFlaming Flag5$5.00
Tulip – TriumphGavota5$5.00
Tulip – TriumphPretty Princess5$7.00
Tulip – TriumphPrincess Irene5$7.00
Tulip – TriumphRonaldo5$5.00